About In Pursuit: The Search Continues

IN PURSUIT: THE SEARCH CONTINUES is a weekly digital series that takes viewers behind the curtain and keeps them up-to-date on the most recent developments on every case featured on “In Pursuit with John Walsh.” Host Callahan Walsh, John’s son, contributes as a field correspondent on “In Pursuit with John Walsh” but his day job is at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a nonprofit that John and his wife Revé Walsh founded in the wake of their son Adam’s 1981 murder. Callahan broadcasts weekly from the NCMEC office, which serves as location of the “In Pursuit” call center. Thus, Callahan shares with viewers any credible updates on each case that law enforcement has received and has cleared to share regarding fugitives from the main stories, the 15 Seconds of Shame fugitives, and the missing children featured in the show. Following the updates, Callahan summarizes the main story from the evening’s episode of “In Pursuit with John Walsh” then connects with someone who was featured in that segment. In most instances, this person is the family member of the victim, but in some cases, Cal chats with a member of law enforcement. This interviewee shares any updates they’ve learned about the fugitive’s status since participating in the show, shares new information about the case and their relationship to the victim, and encourages the viewers to submit any tips they may have. Since the safe recovery of missing children has become the life mission of both John and Callahan Walsh, each episode of IN PURSUIT: THE SEARCH CONTINUES features two missing children, different from the children that had been featured in the television episode. Callahan shares the details of each of these cases and entreats viewers to keep their eyes open and submit any information they may have about the children’s whereabouts. Callahan wraps up the show by recapping In Pursuit's second story, complete with a mugshot and information on how viewers can submit tips and leads they may have on the case.

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