About Gypsy's Revenge

The story of the life of mother and daughter Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose is at first glance like a fairy tale. They epitomized the triumph of human spirit over adversity. Dee Dee was a warm-hearted and utterly devoted single mom, and a saintly full-time caregiver to Gypsy who'd been dogged by terrible illnesses since birth - from leukemia to brain seizures to muscular dystrophy. So when the status update "That bitch is dead" appeared on Dee Dee's Facebook on June 14th, 2015, friends and neighbors were perplexed. It was an incongruous post from sweet natured Dee Dee whose feed was always full of endearing photos and cute posts. Had someone hacked Dee Dee's account? Was this a joke? Or something altogether more sinister?

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