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Sometimes evil is so well-disguised that you're the only one who sees it but can you prove it before someone you love is killed? We all get a bad feeling about someone sometimes. A person's story doesn't add up, or their creepy grin sends a chill down your spine. But what if they are actually planning to kill someone close to you, and you're the only one who senses the danger? Would you trust your instincts, and try to expose their fatal intention before it's too late? These are the true-to-life dilemmas that the everyday heroes on DEADLY SECRETS have had to confront. On DEADLY SECRETS, survivors of these harrowing experiences tell us about the moment they begin to suspect someone in their life a respected co-worker, a trusted in-law, their mom's new boyfriend might be planning to harm, maybe even kill, their loved one. Even as friends dismiss them for being paranoid, the whistleblower begins looking into the person's past for clues, and discovers a "devil in disguise," secretly stalking their unsuspecting victim. But they still lack the proof to go to the police. In some cases, the murder happened years earlier - a "tragic accident" that the killer got away with; in other cases, it could happen any day. When the killer does strike, our everyday heroes step forward, armed with evidence they've unearthed a life insurance policy, a telling photograph, a sinister email and work with law enforcement to bring the killer to justice. In many cases, the dangerous suspect is poised to kill again, thwarted only by our whistleblowers' evidence, and their compelling accounts of what actually happened. In the end, these everyday heroes some of whom narrowly escaped death themselves are haunted by their experiences. But they take solace in getting the killer off the streets, and finding justice for their loved one who never saw it coming.

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