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Detective Sergeant Jason Moran is the one-man cold case unit for the Sheriff's Department of Cook County, Illinois. He's solved countless cases over the years, but the shock of his career came in 2011 when he discovered that 8 of the 33 victims of one of America's most infamous serial killers, John Wayne Gacy, remain UNIDENTIFIED. Much loved by neighbors, Gacy was a pillar of the community, he ran a respected painting and decorating business, and a side-line career as Pogo the Clown, an entertainer at children's parties. So the discovery of the decomposed remains of 28 young men buried in the crawlspace of his Chicago home in December 1978, and 5 more bodies dumped nearby in the Des Plaines River, rocked America and the world. It has long been thought that his case was solved and closed. Gacy was convicted of all 33 murders in 1980 and killed by lethal injection in 1994. So how could it be that 8 of his victims still have no name? Gacy never really confessed to the murders and took the names of most of his victims to the grave. A closeted homosexual, his victims were all male, aged between 14 and 21. Though not all of them were gay, Moran has wondered whether the stigma surrounding homosexuality back in the 1970's could have prevented families from coming forward to identify their missing sons. In 2011, Detective Moran reopened the investigation believing that with today's forensic technology and good old-fashioned detective work, he could uncover the identities of the 8 young male victims. A huge public appeal produced hundreds of new leads from families who each had a son, brother, or uncle who never came home back in the 70's. Not all of them can be Gacy victims, but perhaps amongst them, are clues to the identity of THE EIGHT UNNAMED VICTIMS that are now buried in unmarked graves in cemeteries dotted around Chicago. Using truly revelatory testimony, months of unparalleled behind-the-scenes access to Moran's investigation, dramatic reconstruction and never-seen-before archive, this three-part series for Investigation Discovery airs exactly FORTY YEARS after the chilling discovery of the crawlspace and will follow Detective Moran as he makes the most mind-blowing breakthroughs to identify the forgotten victims of John Wayne Gacy.

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