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Terrifying true stories of everyday people who were tricked into committing horrific acts… Dangerous Persuasions tells the extraordinary true stories of everyday men and women who were persuaded or coerced into committing acts that would previously have been unthinkable to them - ordinary people who fell under the influence of dark forces and were manipulated into horrific situations. These are true stories of how false prophets, criminal masterminds, abusive family members, and other evil frauds convinced innocent men and women to do terrible things and destroy their lives in the process. Join us, as with powerful and poignant first-hand accounts from the very people who were brainwashed, we will vividly see how they were lured into a web of deceit – descending from their everyday lives into nightmarish worlds where right and wrong have been switched by their malicious manipulators. These stories have the twists and turns of the best Hollywood thriller, but every moment is true.

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