About Cuff Me If You Can

CUFF ME IF YOU CAN recounts the true story of a determined and resourceful criminal who goes on the run - only to eventually be tracked down by the law. However, these are the stories of men and women who are unable, or unavailable to tell their tales of time on the lam. Some of them died during their attempts to flee police. Others are in a prison where the rules prevent them talking to the media. Some have served their time and disappeared from sight. Still many more individuals, who could have talked, died in prison before they had a chance to sit with our cameras. Using professional narrators to deliver the 1st person account of the criminal, CUFF ME IF YOU CAN will finally tell their stories. Through gritty re-enactments we will investigate each case. We'll hear from the criminal's real family members and loved ones some of who aided these individuals in their efforts to avoid capture. We'll re-create the crimes and shocking moments of wanted men and women fleeing a violent past. Plus, we'll meet the actual police and detectives who finally arrested the offenders. They'll tell us what clues led them to the criminal and how an audacious flight from justice came to an end.

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