About Broken Trust

Who we choose to trust can be a life-or-death decision. In every group of friends, in every family, in every church congregation and community organization tight bonds are founded on trust. But in the blink of an eye, the world that seemed so safe can become completely unrecognizable. BROKEN TRUST tells bone-chilling, true-life tales of people who turn trust into betrayal with deadly consequences. BROKEN TRUST relies on firsthand accounts from a group of "insiders" whose world is altered by the arrival of someone from outside their family or social circle the kind of person who is instantly trusted, and turns that trust into access to homes, to secrets, to bank accounts... As the outsider infiltrates the insiders' world, tensions escalate and trigger a swelling wave of doubt. Trust evaporates, paranoia and suspicion set in, and everything changes. Suddenly, violently, the once-safe world is rocked by a cold-blooded murder. In the wake of the killing, the husband, the best friend, the business partner, the stockbroker, the neighbor and the mistress are left vulnerable each one looking over their shoulder, living in fear of the killer, or the truth, or being caught in a lie. Each suspect's façade disintegrates as the investigation unfolds and secrets are laid bare And the dogged investigator leading the pursuit of justice comes to a horrific realization: the victim was killed by someone they trusted.

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