About American Nightmare

When our most sentimental memories collide with the most horrific crime scene imagery, it becomes an... American Nightmare. American Nightmare pairs actual crime scene video alongside real home video of the same victim, home and family to create an intimate and emotionally powerful mystery. In each episode of American Nightmare a devastating murder has happened, and we are there with investigators as they document the chaos and clues at the scene. We see a blood stained rug. A table overturned. A dinner left untouched. It's an intimate portrait of a life invaded by violence. A kind of home movie that offers an up-close look at lives shattered - and the beginning of a murder mystery. And when we go back in time to see that same setting - except with real home videos and family photos - we really see who the victim was... and, along with investigators solving the crime, want to see justice for the family. Sometimes actual clues that help solve the mystery appear in the family's home video, sometimes in the crime scene video. Either way, a home and family is forever changed, and until the killer is brought to justice, those memories are shattered forever.

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