About A Fatal Confession: Keith Morrison Investigates

In 1995, 16-year-old Daniel Villegas was convicted of a double murder of two teenagers in El Paso, Texas. The key to his conviction was a confession he made to the lead detective several days after the crime. Villegas was sentenced to life in prison without parole. His life was essentially over until years later a remarkable turn of events occurred, involving a successful local building contractor named John Mimbela. Mimbela, who had no legal experience, heard about Daniel's case and became convinced he was innocent. Spending his own money, Mimbela dove into the case, hired a lawyer and together they fought to overturn Daniel's conviction. Broadcast journalist and Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison has followed this story for nearly decade, tracking down new interviewees and information about what truly happened to Daniel Villegas. In this new two-hour special, Morrison brings this hotly contested case to life and to its dramatic conclusion exploring the facts behind Villegas's confession in this search for the truth.

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