Texas Dad Cleared Of Murder After His Son, 7, Admitted Killing 2-Year-Old Sister

October 10, 2017
By: Catherine Townsend

Anthony Michael Sanders

Photo by: Watauga Police Department

Watauga Police Department

Anthony Michael Sanders

WATAUGA, TX — On Thursday, prosecutors dropped a capital murder charge against a Texas father who was accused in the asphyxiation death of his two-year-old daughter after police learned that his seven-year-old son had admitted to killing his little sister.

Anthony Michael Sanders, 33, was accused of smothering his daughter, Ellie Mae, to death at their home in the Fort Worth suburb of Watauga in 2015. Investigators believed Sanders held his hand over her mouth, possibly out of anger for interrupting his computer games.

Sanders’ son confessed to investigators that when he was just five years old, he rolled a heavy pillow onto his sister Ellie’s face and couldn’t remove it, according to NBC 4. He said the pillow had something zipped inside that made it heavy.

Sanders’ defense attorney Tim Moore described his client as being “elated” that the charge had been dropped, and said that Sanders had always professed his innocence and denied killing his daughter from the beginning.

A spokeswoman with the Tarrant County district attorney’s office has said that prosecutors will not discuss the dismissal of the capital murder charge at this time.

Sander’s young son’s confession doesn’t explain why in the original reports CrimeFeed brought you in April 2016, Ellie Mae was said to have human bite marks on her body and bruising around her eyes, face, and head. It was also reported at the time that her doctors said they found blood behind the child’s ear.

While this new development seems to clear Sanders’ name of his daughter’s death, those other disturbing details have not been explained. Additionally, it’s being reported that the boy’s mother does not believe her son’s confession.

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