Police: New Mexico Mom Allegedly Forced Her 15 Kids To Watch Her Boil Their Pet Puppies

A teen daughter reportedly told police that her mother had abused other pets, including an incident when she fed a kitten poison.

June 27, 2019

Photo by: Mug shots of Timothy Crouch and Martha Crouch [San Juan County]

Mug shots of Timothy Crouch and Martha Crouch [San Juan County]

By: Catherine Townsend

AZTEC, NM — Police in New Mexico have arrested a mom accused of beating and torturing some of her 15 children – and forcing them to watch as she boiled their pet puppies.

Martha Crouch and her husband, Timothy Crouch, were arrested Monday following interviews with some of their children who are currently living in different states, according to court records.

Reports state that the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) began investigating the Crouches after a report that the children were not getting an education.

Martha Crouch, 53, was charged with child abuse and extreme cruelty to animals. Timothy Crouch, 57, was charged with obstruction.

One teen daughter reportedly told police that after one of their dogs had puppies, Martha Crouch “took the puppies and put them into a giant pot and boiled them, making all the kids watch,” according to court documents. The teen also reportedly told police that her mother had abused other pets, including an incident when she fed a kitten poison.

She reportedly also told authorities that her mother beat her with a plastic cooking spatula when she asked why she wasn't allowed to attend school.

Another child allegedly confessed to authorities that after she got pregnant at age 14, her mother hit her until she had a miscarriage — and one of Crouch’s sons revealed that he had allegedly been “beaten, shot, stabbed, and run over by his parents.”

However one of the children, a son also named Timothy, doesn't agree with the abuse allegations. “My mom’s a great person,” he reportedly said. “I mean, if it wasn’t for my mom, I'd literally be living in a ditch, and my dad is who made me who I am today.”

The latest charges followed an incident on May 30, when county authorities reportedly came to the home to investigate an assault allegedly committed by one of the couple’s adult sons. At that time, police say they found the body of a dog buried in the yard. The children reportedly told police that the dog had been shot as a “punishment” for misbehavior by the children.

At this point, neither of the Crouches has been assigned a public defender, and they are due back in court on Wednesday.

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