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Friday September 12

10:00 AM

60 min.

Straight Through the Heartland


Indiana teen Wendy Lewis gets more than she bargained for when she takes a babysitting job for engineer Wayne Gulley as an affair leads to a deadly crime spree taking decades to solve.

11:00 AM

60 min.

More Than a Babysitter


On the surface, Tina Young, has it all - a nice husband, good children, and dear friends, the Zalenski family. Her picture perfect life spirals out of control when she becomes addicted to heroin and discovers her new lover and drug dealer, Larry Tooley.

12:00 PM

60 min.

Prey For Me


Suburban housewife Dawn Fowler is tired of her crippled husband, Richard. With made-up tales of Richard’s ‘abuse’, Dawn hatches a plan to seduce a youth pastor, Robert Heydman, and convince him to kill her husband and free her from his reign of terror.