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Survive the Swamp!

posted: 06/09/14
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Crime Scene in the swamp.

Tips On How To Cope In the Swamp

o Always bring a pair of sneakers. You never want to go out in the swamp in your heels.

o Always let your cameraman go into the swampy terrain first, and then follow in his exact footsteps. This will ensure you won't step on any slithery creatures that may be hiding.

o Never stay at the swamp too long after dusk. That's when the wild boars come out!

-Kaylan Eggert, Producer

o Don't put your credit cards in your back pocket if you're going to stand in front of the butane heater! One of mine started to melt around my phone. Fortunately this was just before the Target security breach so my credit card company sent me a new one as a precaution though I hadn't shopped there during that time, but it was still fun explaining why my card was deformed to store clerks until the new one arrived.

-Tiffany Rosengrant, Associate Producer

o Wear your boots! It's always mucky and if you run into snakes you'll have your ankles covered.

- Phoebe Brown, Associate Producer

o Always look where you're stepping! There are snakes, holes, roots, and other things where you least expect.

- Scott Thigpen, Director

o Wear layers - we shot at all hours of the night with temperatures a low as the teens. There's something about that bone chilling wet air that stays with you long after you have wrapped.

o If you look hard enough, you'll see creatures everywhere. The swamp is a precious ecosystem teaming with life. Okay some of the wildlife is not as cute as a Weddell seal, but they all serve a purpose. I saw some amazing things ranging from the biggest black widow I've ever laid eyes on, to frogs, a giant beaver, alligators, water moccasin, turtles, and more. It's better than any zoo.

o Use the buddy system - I was never too afraid of any of the creatures, but it does gets a shade of pitch black that I've never experienced. So walking back and forth to set or down to one of the swamp areas at night can be particularly dangerous. In the end I think I was more worried about accidentally taking a wrong turn never to be heard from again.

- Ashley Crary, Show Runner

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