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posted: 09/27/12
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Solved presents the career-defining -- and sometimes life-changing -- cases of police officers, FBI agents and prosecutors. In each episode, a mysterious homicide case unfolds through first person accounts from America's elite law enforcement officers.

Forensic analysts, trace evidence experts, crime scene technicians, forensic document examiners, forensic linguists, handwriting experts and computer forensic specialists add their incredible investigation techniques to help solve these compelling murder cases.

A third season of 6 new episodes features true stories of ruthless killers in complex true-life story-lines including: the hunt for one of America's most elusive serial killers, the bizarre bludgeoning death of a Minnesota state park employee; the stabbing murder of a teenage girl and the unlikely suspect who almost gets away with the crime; a murder mystery that begins when human remains are found in a closed sewer system; a random homicide in which the only clue is the killer's bloody bare footprint; the shocking murder of a popular young waitress and the devious suspect who knows he's being watched.

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