Obsession: Dark Desires

I Knew This Guy Was Trouble

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Sunday November 2

4:00 PM

60 min.

Silent Scream

TV-14 CC

Talented student Jane turns down the advances of Jim Martin. Unable to accept this rejection, Jim begins a secret video project focused on Jane . After a sick humiliation on camera, it becomes clear that he has plans for a deadly conclusion.

5:00 PM

60 min.

Just a Wall Away

TV-14 CC

When writer Amy Neisis finds her dream apartment everything is set for a bright future. It's within her budget and she moves quickly to secure a sale. But four nights after moving a terrifying scream makes her realise she got more than she bargained for.

6:00 PM

60 min.

Serenade of a Stalker

TV-14 CC

33 year old Nikki is building a karaoke business with her husband, Ben. But one night, a customer with an obsession for Nikki ends not only the dream but shatters her entire life with an act of extreme and unprovoked violence.