After the Obesssion: Sarah Pisan

posted: 01/10/14
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Sarah Pisan

We followed up with Sarah Pisan, who was featured in episode 101 "Paging Sarah." She talks about life after her brush with obsession.

How has your life changed since your experience?

After many years of trying to block this horrible experience out of my mind, I am doing well and I have finally found closure by telling my story. Writing 'Sarah's Story: Target Of A Serial Killer' actually forced me to relive my experience all over again. It took many years, many nightmares, and a lot of sleepless nights to get through it. It also compelled me to warn women everywhere that these types of predators do exist and they usually seem very normal and harmless. Even gaining your trust!

Unfortunately this type of experience also makes you very leery of people! I am always very aware of my surroundings and I don't like to sit with my back to a door. I am always careful and I'm usually not to far from a gun. This is something that's also been passed along to my three daughters.

Why did you decide to tell your story?

I told my story to warn women everywhere that these types of predators actually do exist and they are out there waiting for the right opportunity to strike anyone in a vulnerable situation. I want them to also be aware of how easily they can put themselves into very dangerous situations without ever even realizing it. I hear stories all the time about people meeting on the internet and it horrifies me for the young women of today! Women need to let their family members know where they are at all times today for added safety! It's not being nosy or to be a control issue, it's safety.

Are there any organizations that helped you during/ after your experience?

At that time (early 1980s) and even now, I don't know if they have an organization that could help. I wouldn't have known where to turn. It was the most helpless feeling I have ever had! Prayer, my family and my friends were my support.

Any words of advice based on your own experience?

I would advise anyone going through a similar situation to pray a lot, stay focused and always be aware of your surroundings. Try to have someone with you at all times and especially if you have to go anywhere. Arm yourself with a gun! You must have protection! To date I still don't know who a person in this situation could call other than family or friends for support. It can be overwhelming!

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

My future plans include continuing to warn women about dangerous predators like this by promoting my story and speaking out at seminars. I am also in the process of becoming a Freelance Travel Writer to pursue a dream of traveling the world and sharing my story and experiences.

About Sarah

Sarah Lea Pisan is a 52-year-old mother of three and grandmother of five. She lives in Oregon, near the coast. She enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, clamming and crabbing. Her hobbies include painting, reading and various crafts. Pisan presently works in the insurance industry.

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