After the Obesssion: Mary McIntyre

posted: 01/27/14
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Mary McIntyre

We followed up with Mary McIntyre, who was featured in episode 103 "Help Wanted." She talks about life after her brush with obsession.

How has your life changed since your experience?

This experience has made me more aware of the fact that you never know what people are capable of. Being stalked can go from something mild and non-threatening to a threat on your life in no time.

Why did you decide to tell your story?

If I can help someone by telling my story, then it's worth it for me to go back to every detail from that horrible night and the months leading up to it. People, especially women, need to know that their life is in their hands.

Any big life events you'd like to tell us about?

My 18-year-old son died suddenly in March 2012. (One of the two children that I focused on seeing again the night I was held hostage) My husband and I got married in February 2013.

Are there any organizations that helped you after your experience?

The psychologist that the police work with when an officer has shot someone, also worked with me. At first, I did not think my situation applied to his expertise since shooting someone was not part of my job description. He was helpful because he was able to get some of the images and memories out of my head.

What did you learn that you would like to pass along?

Get the law enforcement involved as early as possible. If a restraining order is necessary, make sure he/she is served. Don't let them give up. Don't take no for an answer. It can suddenly get worse, and then it is too late.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I would love to get involved with speaking to women about being strong in situations like this.

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