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Everything Comes Crashing Down

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Thursday August 7

2:00 PM

60 min.

Children of the Corn(stalks)


When Jerry Mark decided not to take over his family business, his youngest brother Les took the responsibility. When Les and his family are murdered all fingers are pointed at addict brother Tom. But could it have been Jerry who regretted his decision?

3:00 PM

60 min.

'Til Death Did We Part


Lynette and Tom were high school sweethearts. Tom was a successful engineer and Lynette put her dreams on hold to take care of her family. When her body is found dismembered Tom claims she killed herself, but how could her body have been dismembered?

4:00 PM

60 min.

Brotherly Love


Butch Pratt was a star athlete in school and the first of his family to go to college. He joined a fraternity and befriended Ed Swiger. The two decided to steal from their fraternity and when Butch turns himself in, Ed decides to silence him for good.