Most Evil

Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie, host of 'Most Evil.'

After more than five years, the compelling series, MOST EVIL returns with new episodes and a fresh look when it premieres on Investigation Discovery on Sunday, December 7 at 10/9c to examine the minds behind the most heinous murders. In its new format, hosted by leading clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie, the series shines a klieg light on a killer's motive, method and thought process. One of the most provocative and most popular features is coming back in this new season -- the infamous scale classifying killers from impulse murderers, to those motivated by jealousy or rage, to the outright psychopathic.

Each episode of MOST EVIL looks at three cases meticulously dissected by Dr. Kris Mohandie to get to the heart of the terrifying question: what drives someone to murder? Through archive and new first-person interviews conducted by Dr. Mohandie with the killers themselves, the series will delve into the reasons - including neurological, environmental and genetic factors -- why people kill and will then place them on an official scale of criminal behavior, ranging from 1 to 22.

Manipulators Premieres Sunday, December 7 at 10/9c

Three master manipulators committed acts of unspeakable evil: Taylor Helzer orchestrated brutal murders in the name of God. Sylvia White appeared to be a devoted wife and mother but killed anyone she felt was in her way...including her four-year old stepson. And Wayne Henley preyed on the innocence of youth, luring young boys to their death.

Control Killers Premieres Sunday, December 14 at 10/9c

Control freaks want to feel powerful- they kill to regain a sense of order. In 1987, Ronald Simmons asked his children to dig a hole in their yard. They had no idea that he would go on to kill fourteen of his own family members, or that they were digging their own graves. Richard Angelo began feeling inadequate in his job as a nurse, so he poisoned patients to give him a chance to be a hero. And Billie Wayne Coble was a domineering husband who killed his wife’s father, mother and brother after she asked him for a divorce.

Rage Killers Premieres Sunday, December 21 at 10/9c

Anything can set off a rage killer and beneath Gerald Eugene Stano's calm exterior lurked one of the country's most violent mass murderers. Robert Lopez exploded with homicidal fury at those closest to him. And Benjamin Atkins targeted vulnerable women on the streets of Detroit becoming the fastest working serial killer in US history.

Stone Cold Killers Premieres Sunday, December 28 at 10/9c

They attack without any hesitation. Merciless and barbaric, these killers are capable of unimaginable acts of evil. Maksim Gelman spent a day stabbing random strangers to death in New York City. Henry Lee Lucas was a vicious necrophiliac who claimed to have killed hundreds, including his own mother. And Joseph Paul Franklin killed at least 15 people in an attempt to start a race war.


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