I Just Want Her Back, That’s All.

Disappeared TV Schedule

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Monday September 22

2:00 PM

60 min.

The Road Not Taken


College freshman Ginni Wood drops out of contact with her mother while on a spring break road trip to visit her best friend Kelly Gaskins in Texas. The mystery deepens when investigators realize that Kelly and her boyfriend may be missing too.

3:00 PM

60 min.

One Way Ticket


Hatice Corbacioglu went on a romantic trip with her fiancé but didn’t contact anyone in weeks. Worried friends and family report her missing. When investigators unravel her fiancé’s dark secrets, they suspect he is involved with Hatice’s disappearance.

4:00 PM

60 min.

Breaking News


Mid-western TV news anchor Jodi Huisentruit fails to show up to work one morning and police are called to a disturbing scene at her apartment complex. An investigation into her disappearance uncovers troubling details that has a small community on guard.