Missing Persons

The Wedding Ring : Tina McQuaig

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since March 15, 2000

Tina McQuaig is a 27-year-old wife and mother in Baldwin, Florida. She is trying to work her way up in her career and studying to take her pharmacist's technician test. On the evening of on March 15, 2000, after work at the hospital, she calls her babysitter to tell her she's stopping by the grocery store on her way home. That is the last anyone hears of Tina.

When her car is found four days later, her keys and purse are gone as if she parked and walked away. Searches by helicopter and a K9 unit around the area bring detectives no closer to finding where she is. As they begin probing into Tina's life, they discover secrets that stun her husband and family. Years later, after the case seems to have gone cold, an unexpected twist propels the investigation in directions no one could have predicted.

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