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No Exit : Tanya Rider

posted: 09/27/12
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Thirty-three year-old Tanya Rider is a happily married woman with a dream. She and her husband Tom hope to build a house on a patch of woodland property near Bellevue, Washington. But the dream is dashed when Tanya vanishes on September 20th, 2007.

It takes Tanya's husband, Tom Rider, two days to realize anything's wrong. The two are working so hard for their future that they go days without seeing each other. But when Tom receives a call from Tanya's boss, saying she hasn't reported for work in two days, he knows something is desperately wrong.

Tom immediately calls 911. From the start he encounters bureaucratic resistance. Emergency operators tell Tom he must check with hospitals and jails, then with family and friends before they will file a report. Tom does so, then desperately tries to file a missing report. Officials still refuse. Tanya does not meet missing person criteria: she's not under eighteen, not sick, and not a threat to others.

Detectives relent four days after Tanya's disappearance. They grill Tom for banking and credit card information so they can track any financial activity. But they are unable to secure cell phone records that could provide them with crucial clues to Tanya's location. When they do find some activity on Tanya's card, hopes soar for her recovery, but it turns out to be a false alarm.

As the week mark passes since his wife disappeared, Tom plunges into despair. At the same time, Tanya's boss voices some doubts about Tom to police: could he be possibly be involved in his wife's disappearance? Investigators decide to give him a polygraph test.

Exhausted, Tom submits to an interrogation, enduring questions that, to him, show police firmly believe he engineered Tanya's disappearance. As his world crumbles, Tom wonders if he can pass the test.

Just then, a detective enters the room. Police have received cell phone data, and used it to find Tanya. Somehow, her car veered off the highway and smashed into a ravine. Badly injured, and invisible to the world for eight long days, the question now is: will Tanya Rider survive?

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