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Mystery at the Boarder : Summer and Joseph McStay

posted: 09/27/12
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UPDATE NOV. 15: The San Bernandio County Sheriff, John McMahon announced Friday, November 15 that four bodies have been located in two separate shallow graves. Two of the adult bodies are positively identified as Joseph and Summer. It is believed the bodies of two children are Gianni and Joseph, but investigators are still working on a positive identification on the children.

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Summer and Joseph McStay are a typical middle-class American family living in the suburbs of San Diego, California. Happily married, with two great kids and a brand new home the McStay's seem to have it all. But then one day, they vanish from their home leaving behind their beloved dogs and all of their possessions.

Though there are no signs of foul play family and friends assert the McStays had no reason to walk away from their great life. Investigators are equally baffled. Everything about the McStay's seems to check out. Their bank accounts contain nearly $100,000, which remains untouched and there is no activity on their credit cards. Then, a bizarre clue takes the case international when a surveillance video captures what could be the McStay's walking across the Mexican border-four days after they vanished from their home. By all accounts the McStay's were devoted to their toddlers and would never take them to the border, which they considered very dangerous. Family members have trouble believing it's them.

Questions are many and answers are few in this case. Is that really the McStays in the border surveillance video? If so, what could be so terrible that they would leave their beloved extended family and pets without telling them first? If they were kidnapped, why hasn't there been a ransom note or any demands for money? Most confounding of all, how could a family of four just vanish into thin air?

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