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Secrets of a Son : Steven Koecher

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since December 13, 2009

Steven Koecher's car is found on December 15th, 2009, abandoned near Las Vegas, Nevada -- two hours away from his home in Utah. It's a shock to those who know the young journalist, a well-liked fellow who appears to be devoted to his family and his church. As police retrace his steps, family members learn it's been two days since anyone is known to have seen or spoken to him. The location of the car -- an upscale retirement community -- is an unlikely place for someone on the lam to ditch a vehicle. And Steven doesn't seem like the type to just take off.

There's no sign of violence, and no leads to anyone who might have wanted to harm Steven. But then, as his frantic family launches an all-out search, tantalizing stories begin to emerge, and bizarre hypotheses, clues, and sightings start to accumulate.

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