Missing Persons

The Springfield Three : Sherrill Levitt

posted: 09/27/12
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Sherrill Levitt, her daughter Suzie Streeter and Suzy's friend Stacy McCall all slept at Sherrill's house in Springfield, MO the night after Suzie and Stacy graduated high school. But the next morning, all three women have vanished. Their cars are in the driveway, their purses and clothing are in the house and the dog is left alone barking and frightened.

Police check the background of all three women. Sherrill's rocky relationship with her alcoholic son initially intrigues investigators, but he is soon cleared. Police then turn their attention to Suzie's ex boyfriend. He was arrested just a few months earlier and Suzie gave a statement to police that was to be used in his sentencing. Police are curious if this could be a motive.

Then, police get a tip on a local named Robert Craig Cox. Cox was on death row 1978 for murdering a 19-year-old girl in Florida, but the Supreme Court overturned his sentence and he was released. When Cox is arrested again in 1995 in Texas, Springfield investigators interview him in prison and he taunts them by saying "he knows the three missing women are dead and that they are buried in Springfield".

Rumors of possible burial locations fly around town and one in particular gets a lot of attention ... the south parking garage at Cox Hospital. A scan of the location using ground-penetrating radar finds three anomalies in the ground that are the right size and shape for three graves. Have Sherril, Suzie, and Stacy finally been found?

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