Missing Persons

Footprints in the Sand : Shannon Gilbert

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since December 13, 2007

In the early hours of May 1st, 2010, 24-year-old escort Shannan Gilbert leaves Manhattan to meet a client in Oak Beach New York, a gated community on the affluent southern shores of Long Island. The night begins without incident, but at 5AM something goes terribly wrong. Shannan, in fear for her life, runs screaming from the client's house and disappears into the darkness. The police are called, and they conduct a search through the thick underbrush bordering the community, but Shannan is nowhere to be found. Six months pass with no word from Shannan, and her family is terrified they will never know what happened to Shannan. Then on a cold December morning, a K9 officer stumbles on a gruesome secret that will spark one of the most extensive investigations in Long Island History.

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