Missing Persons

A Mother’s Mission : Samantha Bonnell

posted: 09/27/12
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Samantha Bonnell disappears one night while her boyfriend, Chris, waits in their hotel room in Southern California. She had left her home in Alaska just six months earlier, against her mother's wishes. Since the rebellious 18-year old had run away so often as a teen, her mother, Mary Weir, imagines this is just another of Samantha's acting-out tricks. But when days turn into months and no one hears from Samantha, Mary worries her daughter might be in real danger.

Mary finds herself desperate and without help as precinct after precinct refuses to file a missing person's report, either because Samantha is over 18 years old or because her mother has no last known address. Still, she persists by searching the Internet for any sign that her daughter may have applied for an apartment or might be in jail somewhere. When she finds no sign of Samantha, Mary begins to fear the worst.

Suddenly, four months after Samantha goes missing, Mary gets a call from detectives in South Carolina that someone has found Samantha's luggage. It contains men's clothing and a mysterious photo. Mary clings to the hope that her daughter is safe. When investigators find no trace of her daughter, Mary turns her search to a darker focus -- one that will lead her through a nightmarish landscape.

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