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Royal Secrets: Royal Daniel

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since April 27, 2007

There are few things that Royal "Scoop" Daniel did not love in life. So when he arrived at his law firm with his beloved golden retriever in tow on April 27, 2007 at 5:45 AM, nobody blinked an eye. He loved his work and was dedicated to helping immigrants become American citizens, even if it meant working long hours. But when that same dog was found alone in his office with Scoop nowhere in sight, that did concern people. When he failed to show up for two appointments, that is when coworkers took action and called police at 3:00 PM. When they arrived, they found coffee brewing and his empty cereal bowl on his desk. Also found where his keys, and hat and coat in their usual places, but no Scoop in sight.

Police officers began investigating his disappearance immediately, scrolling through building security tapes for answer. They saw that Scoop entered the building at 5:45 AM. He was then seen walking into the communal kitchen for a coffee mug at 7:30 AM. A local disc jockey remembered seeing him in the hallway around the same time and said he looked normal. But after that, Scoop literally vanished. He was not seen on any of the security tapes again, which covered all of the exits to the building.

Detectives also uncovered another startling clue. At 7:48 AM, just 18 minutes after Scoop was last seen, a 911 call was made from his cell phone. It lasted 18 seconds and nothing was said before the line went dead. When the operator attempted to call back, the phone had been turned off. A trace of the cell signal showed it was coming from a tower close to his office building. Within hours of starting their investigation, the local police department brought in bloodhounds to try and search of clues, or at least locate a trail. With no result, volunteers came in on April 29 to search the area by foot. Nothing was ever found.

The disappearance of Scoop had shocked everyone in his life. His friends were the closest people to him in life and the feeling was mutual. When they caught wind of his disappearance disbelief overwhelmed them. Less than 12 hours before he disappeared he had dined with his closest friends at a local fundraiser. In fact, Scoop had treated everyone that night, paying for everyone's $80 entrance fee. They remember he was laughing and smiling like always. But soon investigators would uncover that Scoop's life had become anything but usual. It was a revelation that would send their investigation into a whole new direction.

When investigators began interviewing the people in Scoop's life they encountered irregularities. Scoop's secretary, the woman who initially called police, said she walked in that morning and found her paycheck on her desk. In her two and a half years of employment, Scoop had always handed her the check just minutes before 5 PM.

Scoop's girlfriend told police she attended the fundraiser with him and then spent the night at his home. When they woke up, Scoop attended to his routine as usual, except for one thing. When Scoop went to drive her home around 5:30 AM the morning he disappeared, he gave her his favorite running suit and his Sorrel boots. He told her that he would not need them for a while. He also gave her a key to his residence, which she thought was odd because he always left his door unlocked. While investigators found all these facts odd, they would soon encounter a motive behind the disappearance of Royal 'Scoop' Daniel that would send shock waves through his community. By May 1, the case had become so complicated the local police department brought in the FBI to assist in the case.

The generous man that Scoop Daniels was known as, turned out to be a less than accurate. After interviewing friends again, authorities discovered Scoop was actually deep in debt. His girlfriend eventually admitted to police that Scoop was in extreme credit card debt and that she assisted him in trying to get a line of credit at the bank, however, he was rejected due to his high debt and current tax liens. His secretary also admitted to finding notices that Scoop was behind on his child support. She also hinted that he may have gone to drastic steps to rectify is dismal situation. Investigators uncovered that these so-called "drastic steps" were not an exaggeration.

After receiving warrants for bank accounts at numerous banks belonging to Scoop they found he had been making some questionable Web transfers of funds. Some transfers occurred the morning he vanished. On May 8, 2007 detectives discovered that it appeared as if Scoop had embezzled more than $500,000 from a total of seven clients.

When police unfolded this new plot twist, they immediately began investigating Scoop as a suspect. The issued warrants for a storage facility in his name and discovered his 1979 Kawasaki motorcycle, which he loved, was missing. Police conducted extensive interviews with anyone connected with Scoop and found he spoke three languages and traveled often to Brazil, where he once had clients. Finally, detectives found federal documentation that he applied for a new passport in 2006. The reason given for his renewal was "travel in late April 2007."

On May 9, 2007 police issue an arrest warrant for Royal "Scoop" Daniel on suspicion of felony theft. He has never been seen or heard from since his initial disappearance on April 27, 2007.

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