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Gone on The 4th of July : Roxanne Paultauf

posted: 09/27/12
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When 18 year-old Roxanne Paltauf leaves a motel in Austin Texas on Friday July 7th 2006 after an argument with her boyfriend, and doesn't return, family and friends are immediately concerned that something ominous has happened to her. A much-loved daughter and sister, Roxanne fails to call home, something that is unheard of.

The concerns of her family and Austin's police department increase when they discover that the motel she stayed in is situated in an area notorious for drugs and prostitution. They comb the locale for clues to her disappearance but to no avail.

The investigators zero in on Roxanne's boyfriend, the last person to see Roxanne before she disappeared. They're surprised to discover he has a criminal past and a propensity for violence but he also has a witness, someone who states they were with him for most of the night in question. Before the police have a chance to polygraph this witness, the case takes an unexpected turn. Another man is arrested in a motel a block away from where Roxanne went missing, in an unrelated incident. He has Roxanne's ID in his wallet.

Despite many leads in the case, after four years police are still looking for clues to solve the mystery behind Roxanne's disappearance.

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