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Silent Night : Patty Vaughan

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since December 25, 1996

When a dedicated mom's minivan is found abandoned with a flat tire just 24 hours after she reportedly left her three kids and estranged husband behind on Christmas Day, her family fears the worst for thirty-three year-old Patty Vaughan. They believe there is no way the loving mother would have taken off on her kids no matter what. Yet, the last person to see Patty before she left the family home in their small Texas town, her husband J.R., tells family and police that he and his wife had their worst fight ever -- and it was over an old boyfriend that Patty had recently been seeing. The words exchanged between the separated couple were hurtful enough to cause Patty to leave and J.R. to file for divorce.

But after Patty's minivan is found the next day on the side of a road she routinely takes to work, and no one has heard from or seen Patty, family members waste no time in organizing a search team. Could Patty have asked the wrong person for a ride to work after her blown out tire? All indicators point to an abduction. But as the race to find Patty ensues, clues start to emerge that paint a very different picture of what might have happened to the mother of three.

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