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A Mother’s Secret : Paige Birgfeld

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since June 28, 2007

June 28th, 2007, 9 pm -- 34-year-old Paige Birgfeld is only a few miles from home when she calls her ex-husband on her cell phone. They had just seen each other that evening, and she wants to let him know she is almost home. She promises to check in with him later that night, but Ron Biegler never hears from her. He chalks that up to the fact that Paige has three young children to manage all by herself. But when Ron calls her home 3 days later, one of the children tells him that Paige had never arrived home that night. Ron immediately calls the sheriff's office.

Mesa County Sheriff, Stan Hilkey, feels certain that Paige did not disappear voluntarily. She is a devoted mother, with a beautiful, million-dollar home that she worked long and hard for, and there is nothing to indicate she wanted to get away. In searching for alternate explanations, the police first start questioning Ron Biegler.

But friends prove more suspicious of Paige's second husband, Rob Dixon -- a man she had a violent and passionate relationship with. She fell for him when he was a wealthy patron of the strip club where she worked. They had a whirlwind courtship. Within months they married, and quickly had three children. In 2004 Paige had called the police for help, saying her husband threatened to kill all their children. One year later she called 911 again, saying Rob had pushed her down and punched her in the throat while she held their baby. Rob was arrested, and one year later they divorced.

All the while, Paige had kept several businesses afloat to support the family and Dixon's habit of wasting money. She started a dance company for preschoolers; she sold high-end kitchen supplies out of her home; and, she worked as a high paid stripper. This side of her life was completely hidden from her parents. Though the family is very close, they knew nothing about her exotic dancing and stripping.

Only months before her disappearance, Paige posted a message on her blog claiming her children asked if Dad was going to come and kill her. Her parents took notice. But by the time of Paige's disappearance, Rob had moved across the country to Pennsylvania.

While first husband Ron is wary of Rob and has heard stories of his violence, he has more pressing news for the police. When he and Paige met up on June 28, Paige told him she was going to keep two appointments she had that night with clients from her escort service. An escort service her parents knew nothing about.

She has not been heard from again.

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