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Vanishing Bride : Niqui McCown

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since July 22, 2001

On July 22nd 2001, 28 year-old Niqui McCown disappears from a local Laundromat near her home in Richmond, Indiana.

Richmond investigators soon focus on Niqui's fiance. His actions in the week after her disappearance are suspicious, but their inquiries lead them nowhere. Four months later, Niqui's car surfaces in a parking lot, forty miles from her home. Although no clues are found in the car, its location is near the home of Niqui's former colleague, Tommy Swint. Police discover that Swint and Niqui had a complicated relationship, and that Swint once threatened her. However, they find no specific evidence that he is involved with her disappearance. All they can do is tag him as a "person of interest," someone they believe knows something but is not talking.

Then, six years after her disappearance, Richmond detectives learn that Tommy Swint has been hired as a police officer by a neighboring department. Furious, they inform their colleagues that Swint is a person of interest in their case, which prompts his firing and lands Niqui's case back in the headlines. Then, in a development no one saw coming, police in nearby Dayton, Ohio receive an anonymous phone-call linking Swint to an unsolved murder of a different woman.

Dayton detectives use DNA to connect Swint to the crime scene, and new fingerprint evidence to prove that he was the killer. In November 2009, nine years after Niqui's disappearance, Swint is indicted. Detectives on Niqui's case feel sure that this is their moment -- that Swint, in custody, will tell them what they want to know. But as they close in on Swint, another shocking development unfolds causing the story of Niqui McCown to remain a mystery that continues to haunt her loved ones.

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