Missing Persons

Heavy Metal Mystery : Morgan Harrington

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since January 10, 2002

20-year old Virginia Tech junior Morgan Harrington promises to meet her father the morning after a Metallica concert. But when she doesn't show up her parents panic. They soon learn that Morgan left her friends during concert and never came back. The only clue left behind is her purse, found in the parking lot-its contents spilled.

As the police begin to investigate Morgan's disappearance eyewitnesses paint a strange picture of her behavior outside the concert venue: they say she was erratic, belligerent and incoherent. Several eyewitnesses claim they saw Morgan in the company of three young men in the early morning hours. Even more bewildering and unnerving to Morgan's parents are the multiple reports of Morgan hitchhiking late at night on a dark road not far from the venue.

Weeks and months go by with lead after lead taking the investigators nowhere.... Until forensics link Morgan's disappearance to a violent crime in another city three hours away.

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