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Hometown Hero : Margaret Mcenroe

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since October, 10, 2006

Army veteran, Margaret Haddican McEnroe has always been a fighter. Whether she is practicing her punches during boxing lessons in the ring or battling blazes as a volunteer firefighter in her hometown of Warren Township, New Jersey. When she was younger,

Margaret was quite the handful who tested her adoptive parents mettle with her volatile temper and a tendency to run off to cool off. But her strong will has also led her to save a woman's life and become a local hero. And after she has children, Margaret seems to settle down. The youngest of her three girls is a five month preemie who spent more than a month after her birth in the neo-natal ICU with Margaret in constant attendance. Margaret has been no less attentive since she brought her home. So when Margaret suddenly disappears from her home, one fall afternoon in 2006, leaving her baby behind in her crib, her family and local investigators are perplexed.

The day before she went missing Margaret and her husband had a serious fight. So serious her husband called police after Margaret stalked off. But Margaret returns and has a quick conversation with her best friend the next day. After that her husband says he came home with some baby formula in the early afternoon. When he returned later that day he found his wife gone and his infant daughter all alone in her crib.

He doesn't report his wife missing for 48 hours, saying he thought she went away to cool off. Local investigators who know Margaret at first think he's right.

But when she doesn't turn up or contact anyone over the next few days, police begin to think things don't add up. Some they interview say Margaret may have been depressed. Searches are launched around her home and in some of her rural favorite places, but they turn up nothing. Police discount suicide. Detectives investigate the possibility she left on her own and discover that the adopted Margaret also uses her birth name, Sherwood Haley, on occasion. Could Margaret have assumed her alternate identity?

Her car and other personal belongings have been left behind, but her husband tells detectives a large amount of cash is missing from the house. However, investigators soon find it unlikely that Margaret disappeared on her own accord. Their focus is increasingly narrowing on a harrowing alternative: that Margaret is the victim of foul play.

It seems unlikely the feisty and martial arts trained Margaret was abducted by a stranger, so the investigation focuses on people she knows. Finally, the FBI is called in and the focus of suspicion narrows down to one. Someone Margaret knows very well indeed.

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