Missing Persons

Lost Trust : Liz and John Calvert

posted: 09/27/12
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Elizabeth and John Calvert live the good life, running their boating resort business on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. They live on their yacht there, and also have homes in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. But at the end of 2007, the Calverts begin to encounter turbulence in their charmed lives. As Liz becomes more involved with running their business, Harbour Town Yacht Basin, she discovers some financial discrepancies in their bank accounts. In her efforts to learn how a significant amount of money seems to have disappeared, Liz contacts Harbour Town's former accountant, Dennis Gerwing. Gerwing has been responsible for the bookkeeping for about 20 years, and has always been a friend. But, when Liz doesn't get the explanations she needs, she decides to push harder for answers. The accountant finally says the problems stem from a computer glitch -- and that he can fully explain the situation if both Liz and her husband John Calvert meet with him at 6pm on March 3rd, 2008. The Calverts attend that meeting, but the next day they miss several others. Friends and family become alarmed and begin searching for the affluent couple. The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office also begins to investigate, and learns that the last person to see the Calverts was most likely Dennis Gerwing. Upon questioning, Gerwing claims the Calverts left after their meeting, and he never heard from them again. When authorities try to corroborate Gerwing's story, they discover many suspicious contradictions. But, investigators have no evidence to indicate any foul play. When Gerwing retains counsel and stops cooperating with the investigation, police redouble their search efforts. After a week passes without any luck, the Sheriff's Office names Gerwing a person of interest in the Calverts case. But before investigators can gather enough evidence to arrest the only person with possible knowledge of the Calverts' whereabouts, the case takes a horrifying turn for the worse. To this day friends and family are still left without any answers about what happened to Liz and John Calvert.

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