Missing Persons

Midnight Walk : Lily Aramburo

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since June 2, 2007

Twenty-four-year-old Lily Aramburo, of Miami, Florida, has recently given birth to a son. But Lily, a recovering heroin and crack addict, starts using drugs again with her fianc?, Christen Pacheco. Lily goes to rehab, but she is kicked out at the end of May 2007, for failing a drug test.

The next day, after smoking crack with Pacheco and two friends, Lily walks out of the condo at 2 a.m. carrying only two bungee cords. When she doesn't return, family and friends wonder if Lily committed suicide, or if she was the victim of foul play at a local crack house. Before long, however, suspicions begin to swirl around Pacheco as well.

Now, thanks to the persistence of Lily's mother and her friend Janet Forte, investigators may be close to unraveling the truth.

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