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Soul Searcher : Leah Roberts

posted: 09/27/12
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After the deaths of her parents, 23 year-old Leah Roberts is sure to make every day count. Dissatisfied with life as a college student, Leah quits school just months before graduating to pursue her interests and find greater meaning in life. Without telling family and friends where she is going, Leah leaves her North Carolina home on March 9, 2000 to embark on a soul-searching road trip across the country. Following in the steps of her hero, writer Jack Kerouac, Leah sets out for the peaks of Washington State.

But just nine days after the adventure begins, Leah's trip seems to have come to a crashing halt when a jogger spots an abandoned, wrecked Jeep off an old logging road in the Mount Baker National Forest. An initial investigation into the crash seems to indicate no one was injured in the accident -- in fact it doesn't seem as though there was anyone in the car at all when it went over the embankment. With no sign of Leah and all her belongings left behind, police are stumped. As they sift through the car, clues start to emerge, one by one, telling investigators what Leah did and who she might have met in the hours and days leading up to her disappearance. But will it be enough to lead them to Leah and find out what happened to the spirited young woman the day of that fateful crash? Investigators believe the answers still lie in Leah's Jeep.

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