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A Father’s Quest : Leah Peebles

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since May 22, 2006

Twenty-three-year-old Leah Peebles, of Ft. Worth, Texas has recently moved from her parents' home to Albuquerque, New Mexico to get a fresh start after years of struggling with drug addiction. Though she came from a supportive, tight-knit family, Leah had turned to drugs to help her cope after being molested as a toddler and raped as a teenager.

Clean for the first time in years and a talented hairstylist, Leah is eager to start her career and get her life on track. But just a few weeks after arriving in Albuquerque, she steps out one night for a date and never returns. Leah's parents discover that just before disappearing she had crashed her car. While Leah walked away from the accident, the mechanic she leaves her car with reports she looked really out of it.

When the Peebles family feels the police are too slow to respond, Leah's father decides to take matters into his own hands and journeys to Albuquerque to hunt for her himself. There he discovers Leah has fallen back into drugs and worse yet, has turned to prostitution to support her drug habit. Rumors abound and the Peebles fear Leah has fallen victim to foul play. As he traverses Albuquerque's underworld, seeing things he never thought he would, Leah's father remains determined to keep searching until he can bring her home.

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