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Danger at Dusk : Kristi Cornwell

posted: 09/27/12
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UPDATE: Kristi Cornwell's body found in Georgia

For the past few weeks, single mother Kristi Cornwell has been going for long evening walks in her rural northern Georgia neighborhood. She loves the bucolic scenery, but she walks for another reason -- in order to heal a painful tailbone injury. On the evening of August 11th, 2009, she does her routine workout while speaking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. Suddenly, she screams and begs someone not to take her -- and then she's gone. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation immediately probes the abduction while over 17 law enforcement agencies launch a massive search. But, after 11 days without resolution, the official search must be called off. The Cornwell family forges on with their own searches, by ground and by air. They even offer a $50,000 reward. Months later, the GBI investigates a similar incident that occurred just 9 days before Kristi disappeared, and only 25 miles north. Agents ask for the public's help, thinking this attempted abduction might be linked, but they get no solid leads. It's not until 8 months later that agents get their most promising clue -- their first potential suspect is identified. Unfortunately, the man won't talk. Will Kristi Cornwell ever be found?

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