Missing Persons

Gone at 17 : Kara Kopetsky

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since May 4, 2007

Kara Kopetsky is a typical teenager living with her family outside of Kansas City, Missouri. When she doesn't return home from school one day, her parents panic -- but her independent and sometimes rebellious nature leads others to believe she has simply run away.

As days pass and Kara is still missing, her case begins to draw attention and foul play is suspected. The Belton Police get involved and a series of unsettling clues surface -- a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend, unconfirmed sightings in a nearby town and even the disappearance of another local girl.

When a body is found brutally murdered only seven miles from Kara's home, the cases of the two missing girls become intrinsically linked. A local journalist joins the family in the wait for the victim to be identified -- and to see which case will come to a gruesome conclusion.

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