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Unfinished Business : John Glasgow

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since January 28, 2008

When 45 year-old Chief Financial Officer, John Glasgow, leaves his Little Rock home early Monday morning on January 28, 2008 and never makes it to work, family and friends are immediately concerned that something ominous has happened to their loved one. True to his nature as an accountant, John never misses a deadline and always strictly follows his daily routine.

It doesn't take long for family and friends to wonder whether troubles at work over the last several months are tied to his disappearance. As CFO of Little Rock's top construction contracting company, John has been under enormous pressure of late to explain his accounting practices to department store giant Dillard's, who owned half of the company. Dealing with external auditors on a daily basis began interrupting John's regular workflow and he was gradually getting more and more bothered by the questions being asked.

Within 24 hours of John Glasgow's disappearance, the family is led to the remote area where John's cell phone was last turned on. Just hours later, employees at a nearby state park locate John's SUV, sitting idly in the lot of a popular tourist lodge. But what the car and its location will tell investigators about John's whereabouts, couldn't be more mysterious ... the race to find the missing CFO ensues.

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