Missing Persons

Into The Woods : Jeremy Allen

posted: 09/27/12
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Jeremy Alex, 28, of Belfast, Maine, disappears without a trace on April 24, 2004. The last people to speak with him tell police he burst onto their lawn early that evening, frightened and telling them that "bad guys" are after him. He clutches money in one hand and seems desperate to escape. Before they can get help, he runs away into the woods. The next day, Police find his open van in a secluded area nearby. Personal items like his cellphone and keys are still inside. From his cellphone they track down the number for his father, Ted Alex, in New Hampshire. By the time he gets the message it is Monday morning and Jeremy has been missing for almost two days.

A full-scale official search with K9 teams, volunteers and police is launched but yields nothing. A second search, 8 days after Jeremy disappears, doesn't lead to any clues as to what has happened to him.

While he hunts for his son, Ted also uncovers information about him that is difficult to face. Jeremy, he discovers, is a binge user of serious drugs like heroin and cocaine, and was using both in the days before he disappeared. To the police the matter now becomes more than a missing persons case; it is a drug investigation. Some leads do emerge. A motorist saw Jeremy crossing a highway on foot shortly after he ran away from the home in Northport. Another tip says Jeremy was talking to two men in a red pickup truck near where his van was found, on the Saturday afternoon he disappeared.

As time goes on, hope that Jeremy will return alive fades. A final search with dogs takes place 5 months after Jeremy went missing and again, the searchers come up empty. Rumors of something bad happening to Jeremy are everywhere and his family begins to believe that Jeremy is a victim of foul play. The Maine State Police take control of the case and, 2 years after Jeremy disappears, search a pond on a tip but the divers don't find anything.

Then in 2008, Jeremy's father receives new information from a surprising source.

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