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Doomed Romance : Jeramy Burt

posted: 09/27/12
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Missing since February 11, 2007

Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt, a roofer and avid hunter, is heading over to his friend's house on Sunday night, February 11th to discuss plans for the upcoming hunting season. He leaves his three year-old daughter in the care of his father while his ex-wife is away at a conference in Las Vegas. Jeramy is never seen or heard from again -- except for text messages sent to his ex-wife.

When Kim George, Jeramy's ex-wife receives multiple text messages from Jeramy's phone saying he's leaving her and their daughter to start a new life, she is hurt, livid and perplexed. The couple had recently reunited and had been living together for months. How could he do this to her when she was under the impression that everything was going so well? Her anger multiplies when she gets home to Boise to find Jeramy has left her in her car. Along with a missing person's report, Kim also files a stolen vehicle complaint.

Several months later, Kim's car is found -- torched in a remote desert, miles away from home. Could she have been wrong about the text messages? Maybe, Jeramy didn't write them at all ... but then, who did?

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