Missing Persons

Spring Break Nightmare : Colleen Orsborn

posted: 09/27/12

Missing since March 19, 1984

During the height of Daytona Beach's spring break season in 1984, 15-year-old Colleen Orsborn goes missing after skipping school to go to the beach. Although the spontaneous, outspoken teen has been known to get into tussles with her mother, she usually leaves a note indicating where she will be, and she always returns home. Family and friends worry that something very sinister has happened, which is preventing Colleen from coming back. Then, when the news breaks that a notorious serial killer named Christopher Wilder can be placed in Daytona Beach the day the teenager went missing, their fears seem to become warranted.

Soon the bodies of two young girls surface in Central Florida -- could one of them be Colleen? If so, will this prove she was one of Wilder's earliest victims? But just when police believe they know what happened to Colleen, a terrifying letter is mailed to her brother's home, causing the investigation to take a turn in a very different direction.

The disappearance of Colleen Orsborn is a baffling mystery that haunts Central Florida for decades?EUR?until one woman uncovers a clue that has been right before their eyes for almost thirty years.

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