Missing Persons

Game Over : Charlie Allen Jr.

posted: 09/27/12

Missing since October 12, 2007

22-year-old UMASS Dartmouth student Charlie Allen Jr. is excited for his future. He looks forward to medical school and aspires to play tennis professionally. After a day of practice on the courts, he and his friend Mason are due to meet and head to a party thrown by a friend on the girls' tennis team. Mason waits in the parking lot at the appointed time, but Charlie never shows up.

At the same time, Charlie's family is trying desperately to reach him on his phone. In a panicked phone call earlier that evening with his sister, he tells her that people are after him. But that is the last his family hears from him. Despite repeated attempts to reach him, all calls go to his voicemail.

A few days later, police are called to investigate a backpack left in a yard. It is Charlie's. Police follow up and learn that his family has reported him missing, his car has been found abandoned in a campus parking lot, and that Charlie is linked to a local break-in. The last reports indicate that Charlie is running shirtless and shoeless along a wooded road on a chilly October 2007 night.

Police find no sign of foul play, but also no sign of Charlie. As the investigation probes further, some wonder if the threat to Charlie came from someplace much closer to home.

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