Missing Persons

The Secret Journey Brittanee Drexel

posted: 09/27/12

A teen known for her quick smile and lightning speed on the soccer field, Brittanee Drexel disappears the night before she planned to come home from Spring Break. She had slipped off to Myrtle Beach, SC for vacation without the consent or knowledge of her parents in Rochester before returning to finish her junior year of high school.

Brittanee visits a male friend from Rochester who is also vacationing in Myrtle Beach. At about 9 PM, she leaves his hotel to return to her own, just over a mile away. Brittanee is texting her boyfriend as she walks when suddenly, her texts stop. Desperate calls from Brittanee's family and friends go straight to voicemail.

Police initially have no leads in Brittanee's case until they learn that the friend she was visiting that night decided to return to Rochester at 2am, just hours after Brittanee left. After questioning the friend and verifying his statements, investigators find no evidence linking him to Brittanee's disappearance.

Then, two days after she vanishes, authorities track Brittanee's cell phone about two hours south of Myrtle Beach. It's an isolated, rural area, filled with swamps and alligators -- leaving investigators concerned for Brittanee's survival. Despite numerous searches with teams of volunteers scouring the woods, search dogs, helicopters and boats with sonar, police are unable to find any evidence of Brittanee.

Finally, almost one year after Brittanee's disappearance, police announce that they have identified persons of interest in her case. But the case is stalled without concrete evidence to make an arrest. Her family and loved ones fear she has been abducted and wait anxiously for developments in the hopes that they will see Brittanee again.

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