Missing Persons

Brianna Maitland

posted: 09/27/12

Missing since March 19, 2004

17-year-old Brianna Maitland found life on her parents' remote Northwestern Vermont farm socially limiting. So in the Fall of 2004, she moved twenty miles south to another district, where many in her social circle attended high school. But after a short while, Brianna drops out of school for good because she feels classmates are giving her a hard time.

Brianna also ends up bouncing from house to house, first living with a childhood friend, then with boyfriends, and finally with an old acquaintance. But Brianna still aspires for something better -- perhaps college or life in a big city somewhere outside of Vermont. So, while working two restaurant jobs, she enrolls at a local community college to study for her high school equivalency diploma. All this happens while Brianna keeps in touch with her parents Bruce and Kelley on a regular basis. But, it's not until four days after she disappears on her way home from work one night that her family finally discovers that their daughter hasn't returned.

Thinking she's run away, police search for Brianna's green Oldsmobile. But days later the Maitlands realize authorities had already found Brianna's car almost a week earlier at the side of the road with its rear-end rammed up against an old abandoned farmhouse. After numerous searches and an extensive investigation, the Maitlands are left to wonder what really happened to their daughter.

Police think it all points to foul play, while others speculate that Brianna was taken away. But by who?

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