Missing Persons

Lost Highway : Bradyn Fuksa

posted: 09/27/12

In summer 2009, twenty-two year old Bradyn Fuksa has just moved out of his parent's house to begin life on his own in Lawrence, Kansas. But alarms go off when Bradyn's parents suddenly stop hearing from their otherwise communicative son. Things go from bad to worse when they also discover a handgun missing from their home. Then, another blow -- Bradyn's car is found abandoned seven hundred miles away in Wyoming.

Bradyn's family and friends feel their world turn upside down as police reveal that Bradyn has been guarding a dark secret -- there's a warrant out for his arrest. But even as the pieces of this disturbing puzzle come together and it appears that Bradyn is running from the law, he is still nowhere to be found. As authorities from a half-dozen states try to track him, Bradyn remains missing.

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