Missing Persons

Mojave Mystery : April Pitzer

posted: 09/27/12

Missing since June 28, 2004

After six months in the Mojave Desert, following the custody loss of her children in Texas, 30 year-old April Pitzer is ready to come clean and return home. She finally gets the strength to call her mother and tell her the truth about the dark road she has traveled while out west. Relieved to have April back in her life, her mother begins making plans for her daughter's return back to their hometown in Arkansas.

But, just weeks later, on June 22, 2004, April calls her mother with some terrifying news. The past has finally caught up to her when she randomly encounters a woman in the desert whom she had testified against in a drug trial back in the state of Arkansas, six years prior. With her identity as an informant exposed in an area known for its methamphetamine trade, April fears for her life and knows she must leave. Yet when her mother sends for her just days later, she is nowhere to be found.

The nightmare for Gloria Denton, April's mother, begins the day her daughter is last seen on June 28th. Over the years, police and Gloria tirelessly pursue every rumor and every lead from a message in a truck stop bathroom in Oregon to rumors about April's body being hidden in a mine. One woman's tenacity provokes an entire community to join in the relentless search for the missing woman out of Newberry Springs, April Pitzer. Will the people and places Gloria meets along the way help to fill in the pieces of the puzzle?

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