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A Fateful Meeting : Amy St. Laurent

posted: 09/27/12

Missing: October 21, 2001

Getting ready for a night out on the town did not involve wearing a provocative outfit or lots of make-up for Amy St. Laurent. After throwing on her company's gray sweatshirt, Amy walked out the door 10:30 PM on October 21, 2001 to spend the evening at a local pool hall. Amy had been out all day with a friend, Eric Rubright, visiting from Florida. They had trekked all around Portland taking in the sights. Eric had come to visit her in hopes of starting a relationship, but Amy made it clear that she was not interested in anything more than friendship. A relationship Eric was willing to settle with even though it was not his preference. So, as friends, they headed out that evening to play a few games and have a few drinks.

Eric took a sideline to Amy once at the bar, watching her play pool against two guys and occasionally winning. They eventually headed a few minutes away to a popular dance club, where again, Eric chose to sit and watch Amy. He noticed her dancing the night away with a few different people. Around 1:00 AM, shortly before they were going to call it a night, Eric went to the bathroom. By the time he got back Amy was gone. Angry that he had been ditched, he traveled back to Amy's house, where he was also staying, thinking she would be there. He woke up the next morning in his car only to find she hadn't returned. He decided to spend the last few days of his trip in downtown Portland and left.

Investigators were first alerted about her disappearance a day after Amy's night on the town. Her mother called to request information about filing a missing persons report. Amy's mother, Diane Jenkins, knew something was wrong when Amy did not come home that night and did not call to have someone feed her cat. Detectives were not immediately concerned, thinking Amy may have been off having a fling, but they still decided to track down Rubright and ask him some questions. They found him at the airport waiting for his flight. When they heard his story, they grew concerned and took him in for questioning. During his interview, Rubright told authorities a detail that would lead them to investigate Amy St. Laurent as a missing person. Once at the club, Rubright had noticed two of the guys Amy was dancing with were the same guys she had met at the pool hall. They had followed them to the club. When detectives were presented with the daunting task of trying to track down two men with no names and minimal description, they did not expect a positive result...until the unthinkable happened.

One of the first calls into a tip line was none other than Amy's dance partner. A slick-haired 21-year-old named Jeffery Gorman. He told police he met Amy at both the pool hall and the club that night. He then invited Amy to a party at his apartment, but nobody else showed up except for his roommate. When Amy felt uncomfortable, Gorman said he drove her home. He told police he was home by 2:00 AM. Gorman had also claimed he made phone calls from his apartment when he got home, but records showed he did not. Detectives pressed his roommate to corroborate his story, only to find Gorman was hiding something. When his roommate got home around 3:00 AM, Gorman was nowhere to be found. When his roommate woke up around 5:00AM to use the bathroom, he saw Gorman washing up in the bathroom. He said Gorman was fully clothed like he had just returned home.

One month after Amy's disappearance, police ran a general check on Gorman's car for violations, uncovering a stunning piece of information. He was pulled over the night of Amy's disappearance at 3:14 AM. A full hour after he said he was home sleeping. Police also got a tip saying Gorman's car, which was notoriously dirty, had undergone detailing. Police were more concerned with the fact that Gorman himself had undergone some detailing. The slick haired macho man had now shaved his head and invested in body piercings and tattoos virtually overnight. But still it was not enough to arrest him. The most disturbing tip to come in was two days after Amy's disappearance when Gorman asked his mother's boyfriend to borrow a shovel.

Police began to give up hope that Amy was alive and they began searching for her grave in surrounding areas. Six weeks after Amy vanished, volunteers discovered disturbed earth on a routine walk. Police were called in to dig and investigate, and within an hour the gray sweatshirt Amy wore out on October 21 was unearthed, caked in dirt.

Still, investigators did not have enough evidence to charge Gorman, so when he left town for Troy, Alabama they could not stop him. But then, something happened which blew the case wide-open. Gorman called his mother back in Maine and during a 22-minute conversation not only admitted to killing Amy but also gave details of the crime. Jeffery Gorman was arrested and convicted in the murder of Amy St. Laurent after his mother testified to her son's admission. He is currently serving 60 years in prison.

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